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Homeschool Tracker: software available for free to the general public

We are pleased to make Homeschool Tracker software available for free to the general public. This software was designed to consolidate all the basic reporting and record keeping tasks that we found ourselves performing (as homeschool parents) over the past few years. While some states are particularly lenient in their mandatory reporting requirements, others are not. We hope that you will find this product Makita produces this cheap jack hammer most useful in accomplishing these tasks, but it will not stop there. With its powerful and easy to use planning and scheduling features you will want to use it every day for managing assignments, reading lists, and record keeping of attendance and grades/scores. This application was written using the latest Microsoft software development tools, and is available for Microsoft Windows only. There are no plans to produce a Macintosh version.


Manage Assignments - This is a broad topic and several of Homeschool Tracker’s more advanced features fall into this category. You can enter new assignments for one or more students, and then:

  • Copy them for one or more students for a given date
  • Replicate them for one or more students over a given date range
  • Reschedule assignments by date, student and subject
  • Print out daily or weekly assignment sheets
  • Record grades, scores and/or time spent

Record Field Trips and Books Read - Most states do not specifically require that you keep track of these items, but in order to provide a complete picture to the evaluator about what was accomplished during the year, we found it useful to record details and dates of field trips and books read. In this manner, both year-end reporting and planning for the following year are simplified.

Record Attendance - With the familiar calendar-style input format, keeping attendance records is extremely simple. By using Homeschool Tracker to record attendance you will have an extremely easy way to account for every day you hold school. No more “lost” days that you forget to count at the end of the month or year these hammer drills comparisons are real. And throughout the year, you will have a running total on the Overview panel so you can adjust your schedule as necessary.

Reporting - Reports are the natural by-product of entering all the information in the tasks listed above. However, because it is a category of particular importance (especially in light of state mandated requirements) we will summarize the list of available reports here:

  • Assignments, Due or Completed, by Date Given, Subject or Student
  • Grade Report
  • Attendance Summary
  • Hours Spent by Subject
  • Field Trips
  • Reading Log
  • Resources Used
  • Daily Journal
3D Printing

3D Printers – the Best ones!

3D printer small models

Medical field, research and civil industries are seeing a rise in its applications usage and performance with 3D printing. We may have heard about them, or read. 3D printing is viewed as a major change in the industries helping them improve their performances. 2D has become outdated. Viewing everything as it would appear in reality is churning out great business opportunities and creating many new outcomes in its path.

Well, if you aren’t aware of 3D printers, here it is. 3D printer is a device that makes a 3D object from a 3D model. The 3D printingis done with additive processes of successive layers of materials being laid down on each layer, under the computer control.

3D printers come in different technologies, suiting different needs. They are: Stereo Lithography, Fused Deposition Modelling, Selective Laser Sintering, Selective laser Melting, Electronic Beam melting and Laminated Object Manufacturing.

Here is my list for top PRINTERS for 3D, do check out and see which suits you. This list is taken via sites that do survey regularly based on the quality output the printer provides, not just on the quality of the printer or the price. So, take a glance.

* Original Prusa i3 MK2

* BCN3D Sigma

* Ultimaker 2 Extended+

* Formlabs Form2

* OrdBot Hadron

Now you know the best ones in larger scales. Let’s see some of the 3D printer small models – reviews and specs.

Flash Forge Creator Pro

This model is worth the price for its features, like platform levelling system, dual extruders, and metal build plates. And there is a guide rod too, to help in stabilization and durability of the printer. The print quality and reliability of the printer makes it the best bet in the market. The open source platform of the printer gives the owners full freedom in optimising the printer usage according to ones need. You can get full use out of it with the large open source community. Few drawbacks are that the second extruders have small issues while printing, and making adjustments in that stage is all the more pain. When speaking about the price, slight expensive for the beginners, but worth the money.

LulzBot mini

This is considered to be the top models among the consumer 3D printers. If you get hands on the device, you will be amazed at it. It’s very easy to assemble, and reliable too. The print settings are easy too; you need not be a techy person to do that. This small printer still gives you excellent prints of some challenging models too. If you are looking for some reliable machine for the first time use, this one should be on your list. It is definitely a best bet for the first timers.

So, these are those printers, small and handy, affordable too, doesn’t take too much of resources. Thinking, is this the best consumer 3D printer to buy?? We would definitely say yes!! LulzBot is a leading brand in the 3D printers, for its quality, durability and printing features. For the price they offer, they definitely do justice to their customers with amazing top class features.


Different Night Vision Binoculars For You To Choose From

When you are out at night to get a good catch, you are all excited, adrenaline pumping through your veins and you just can’t wait to pull the trigger. But what will you pull it on? No animal is going to come close to you and trot around till you hit it. You need to spot your game well before it can come within your shooting range. Now, what you need is a perfect pair of night vision binocular.

What Do Night Vision Binoculars Do?

The night vision binoculars enable you to see the objects around you, in different lightings. They enable you to see by amplifying the existing light. The magnification is generally low, at 2X. However, you do have the higher options 3x and 5x, but they cannot be used like the low magnifications. They can’t be used while in motion. But they enable you to see better when it is dark or there is insufficient lighting.

How Are They Different From Other Night Vision Devices?

The night vision binoculars are very similar to night vision goggles. They help you to see better in the dark but with magnification. Hence, you can see the far off images in the dark, much better and closer. These devices either use the light available or use IR light. However, IR light cannot be seen very well by people and animals.

These night vision binoculars are a must have when you are out hunting in the dark. Animals can see well in the dark and can hear anything, for quite a distance. Hence you need to be a step ahead and not rely on regular night vision devices.


Just like in any other devices, the night vision binoculars have generations too. There is Gen1, Gen 2 and Gen 3. Though you can still find Gen 2 devices in the market, there is no way to tell if it is authentic. The Gen 3 is always a better option as it is the most advanced technology in this category. If you want one for light viewing like to watch the moon and the starts, to keep the kids occupied, Gen 1 would do.

[review 2017] don’t go hunting without binoculars!?

When you are searching for that perfect pair of binoculars, there are a lot of things to consider. When there are many options available in the market, it is very easy to get confused. This is why you should always go through the best {night vision} Binoculars list, get to know what each product has to offer and how it can serve your needs.

There are binoculars that are state of the art, can burn a hole in your pocket and there are those that are pocket friendly and requires low $$$ to pay for binoculars. No matter which guide you follow, you are bound to be told to check the binocular reviews and buy one before you go hunting. If you are wondering where to start, check out https://www.nightvisionoptic.com/binoculars-for-boats-watching/ and get a long list of options.


DSLR Cameras – giving you more out of your life


If you are a photo enthusiast or want to make photography your bread and butter, you may want to first buy equipment for yourself on which you can learn while you earn. Now there are two kinds of cameras that dominate the scene today and they are

1. Point and shoot digital camera, and

2. A DSLR camera

The balance is now tipping in favour of the latter especially because there is of late a lot of interest in them and the prices for the digital single lens Reflex cameras are dropping and there is not much difference between the two in terms of the price. It is obvious that if the prices are the same and the features are more, customers will prefer the latter only.

The advantage of using them is threefold:

i. Manual controls in the equipment ensure that the user gets what he wants at any point of time;

ii. Superb picture quality. The images are crisp and the colors are sharp.

iii. Lenses can be changed. The biggest advantage is that the equipments come with the feature to allow the change in lenses. This makes it pocket friendly and also very versatile. This also means that there is high comfort level in the usage as the photographer does not have to adjust to a newer model to work with a different lens.

What are the best digital SLR cameras in the market today?

A. Canon EOS 5DS review:

This model is a revolutionary one and sets extremely high standards in digital photography. It has a full frame sensor and is powered with 50 megapixels. The screen is 3.2 inches wide (measure diagonally across). It had a follow up model in EOS 5DS R with slightly enhanced specifications but overall the 5DS has done very well. The quality of image is praise worthy and there is virtually no noise.

The only disadvantage in this model is that there is no built in Wi-Fi and it does get difficult to store huge files on the equipment unless it is packed with data cards with more memory.

B. Canon EOS 70D review

This one is one that is built for the professionals but with the idea that it is easy on their pockets. It is empowered with 20 megapixels and a 65 point auto focus. The screen is 3 inches wide.

This camera is the chosen one if you want to make a mark at wildlife or sport shooting but the price tag is so small that is exciting. It is a camera that is capable of doing most of the shooting assignments as its high speed is its unique selling point.

The exterior body is rugged and can weather all outdoor shoots and it is twinned with super efficient hybrid autofocus. It boasts of the most efficient video camera along with sharp still image photography.

C. Canon EOS 80D review

This one is a good choice for beginners. With 24 megapixels and a 45 point autofocus, it is sure to delight a shutterbug in the making. The screen is 3.2 inches in width.

This one is recommended for someone who is recently hooked to photography because the sequence of function buttons and the outer body is made to last and ergonomic. The quality of the photography both still and video are too good. The touch screen is intuitive and the lens is made to sit at vari-angle which ensures that the photographs turn out good even if the angle it is shot at is not too ideal.

D. Rebel Canon T5i

This is for those who love to have great quality of stills and video in their repertoire. The body is light and compact and the speed is good with performance exceedingly good for the size.

An mpreview of the equipment reveals that it has slightly higher than 18 megapixels and 5 point auto focus. It can shoot full high definition videos and has a drool worthy exterior body. The only drawback is that it becomes slightly difficult to use it in all weathers and when the natural lighting is a tad low.


Solar Panels – Stay Independent

In an idealistic world, there would be no limits. But it ain’t. People are dependent on external factors such as food and fuel which are bound to run out in due course of time. This is because of the pressure the humans are adding on the planet. With the drastic destructions that are caused because of the abuse of the natural resources and the pollution of the environment, it will not be as good in the future as it is today.

Alternative fuels replace the limited conventional sources of energy. Fossil fuels, the most popular source of energy is being depleted by the minute. Using lasting sources such as the sun and the wind is a good idea to keep generating energy. They are the alternative fuels that the world needs to use to ensure a reduction in pollution.

The governments are working on sustainable energy to keep life going. Solar panels are one of the major tools to implement this cause. Solar panels utilize the natural rays of the sun to generate heat and electricity. This energy can be used for all purposes.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of using solar energy.


* It is a sustainable resource for consumption.

* It is renewable for a long time.

* It requires little maintenance.

* It is a very reliable source of energy.


* It cannot be used in the night.

* Cloudy weather can be a deterrent.

* Unless the right optimal angle is used, maximum utilization of the power of the sun may not happen.

* It is a heavy investment to make initially.

Goal zero yeti 1250 solar generator kit is one of the most popular do it yourself tools used to ensure continuous and uninterrupted supply of power. This gas-free source of power can keep you going in times of need. Many portable solar generator reviews include this product on their list. The goal zero yeti 1250 is a silent power generator and considered to be one of the safest generators in the market. It has serious power and can provide energy to heavy equipment such as freezers and refrigerators, along with home care equipment such as the CPAP tool. This kit is your perfect backup plan for energy.

Questions such as “what is the best electric charger for my car?’ can be answered with portable solar generators. A read on the portable solar generator reviews will tell you all that you need to know. They make a good addition to camping trips beyond human civilization.

Today’s technology permit only twenty percent conversion of the sun’s power into usable energy. A lot of investment is being made in research to find out better and more productive ways to tap into solar and wind power. Windy nation solar kits are also used to utilize the power of the wind.

Wind power and solar power are the most popular alternative fuels that can be used to ensure that the planet is not completely deprived of its fossil fuels. The government is providing tax benefits to those

who use these alternative fuels to encourage less pollution and damage to the only planet that preserves life in the universe.


Finding Your Way Through The Microphone World

There are so many microphones in the market, that it is extremely tough to find the appropriate one. In case, you are someone who is specifically looking for top recording capabilities with respect to a particular area, then you need to sync with like-minded people. There are certain communities which give and receive inputs with respect to a particular product. Groups like sennheiser e945 have like-minded enthusiasts who discuss the usage, shortcomings, fixes etc., pertaining to this particular product.

From a marketing mix perspective, many mics are available under a single website Mic Supply – Online Store for Microphones. You can find the right microphone for your specific need. There are reviews available here. If you were to search the string for any particular microphone, chances are that it will provide a host of reviews. Most reviewers are either genuine users or professionals who review the products. They insert image and proper link which will lead to the purchase page of the particular product. This is a marketing technique adopted by many major brands across the market.

If you are in search of best mic for recording vocals, this brief on some top products in this category can be of some help.

Sennheiser e945

The product comes in succession to the e835, there aren’t any drastic changes brought into this particular product. Sennheiser E935 is built for durability and quality sound grups like Sennheiser e945 recordings. It is considered ideal for sound recordings indoors / outdoors. The product is designed with advanced shock mount which makes it appropriate for repeated handling. The product is of German make, which means it has high quality products. There is a consistent on / off axis which can be used for recordings which requires this type of controls. The product is particularly popular with amateur musicians who do recordings and put it up on social media websites. Most critics have provided excellent reviews of this product. It is good for repeated use, the metal body does not undergo much wear and tear. The product is reasonably priced for the excellent features it offers. Given it’s longevity and great make, it remains a good value for money product.


Audio technica at2020

This is another great product, with rave reviews for it’s ability to record flawless vocals. The mic is very powerful, but it also has the ability to cut the unnecessary noises. This ability to cut out unwanted noises is enabled by means of the cardioid polar pattern. This feature is existent in other peer products as well. There is a high SPL handling which allows various ranges for different types of recordings. The price is pretty decent for the features offered. It has custom engineered low – mass diaphragm. This allows for extended frequency response.


The microphone world is wide and indeed wild. Wading your way can be a challenge. You need to understand the nuances and controls applicable for the various types of recordings. Typically, mics for vocals are different from the ones used for interviews, conferencing etc., Hence, you need to choose the one that suits your need best. The above two products are considered ideal for vocal recordings such as song recordings, podcasts etc.,

Hover Board

Factors to look for while buying a Self Balancing Board

A Self Balancing Board is total fun and flaunting one in front of the other kids is awesome. But fun factors aside, safety issues are now popping up with these scooters. Especially, when you are on a look out for a hoverboard for KIDS I, it becomes the first and foremost concern of every parent. Here are some factors you need to consider, before buying one.

Look at the Specifications

Are self balancing boards same as hover-boards? Yes, they have many names. But each hoverboard in the market are different. Most of the hoverboard loving population are of the idea that all the hoverboards are same. But they are not. When you look into the features and specifications of each of these hoverboards, then you will find the real difference. While additional features like sensors, light and special internal motors give us comfort, basic features like the meeting the safety standards are very important Best2wheelscooter.com. So, pay attention to safety factors first and then look into other details.


Some hoverboard manufacturers might boast on the speed of their hoverboards. But, is high speed safe? Certainly no. While it is ok to go in high speed inside your private property, it is certainly not ok to go at high speeds on roads. Speeding is dangerous and irrespective of the type of vehicle you use, speed is going to increase the risk. Use hoverboards that are slow in speed.


Brand plays an important role in selecting any product. Also, try to buy products from trusted sellers. How do we find the best sites? Where to look for best hoverboard  (2016 review)? It is best to read reviews in sites like Best2wheelescooter.com before buying one.


There are many hoverboards put on sale and tempt you to buy them. But do they really give a good performance? When the term Quality is used, it refers to the overall quality of the board including the safety standards met.

Wheel Size

Wheel size is an important factor while choosing hoverboards. While smaller size wheels are easy to balance, they can be ridden only in smooth and plain surfaces. Hoverboards with big wheels can be driven in rough terrains and good for daily use but difficult to balance.

Apart from the above, here are some quick tips for you.

* Hoverboards are electric scooters. Don’t try anything extraordinary with it.

* It is not advisable to buy hoverboards for very small children.

* Read lot of reviews before buying one.

* U.S based brands are of good quality than the Chinese makes.

* Like any other gadget, hoverboards requires few hours of charge.

* Look at the weight of the hoverboard and see if it is easy to carry.

* Do not buy one before you check on the local laws.

* Beware of fakes and low quality ones.

Having said this, it is not so easy to identify a good vehicle. If the retailer from whom you are buying is a better one, then you can go ahead. But, be sure to buy directly from the company rather from an unknown reseller.

Radar Detector

Radar Detectors – What and Where-Abouts!

Do you know what are they? Radar detectors are devices used by motorists or vehicle riders to check if their speed is being monitored by the police. These radar detectors use superheterodyne receiver to detect the electromagnetic emissions from these radio guns and alert the motorist about the speed levels. The website speedzones.com has list of top radar detectors, its best prices online. This website also offers you reviews about various products, which helps you in choosing the best one suited for you. It’s a complete site, with lots of in-depth details of the radar detectors available in the market. It reduces your burden of going through many different brands of radar detectors, opening up too many pages, compare and find the best price. Isn’t it really a great page to watch out for!

One of the best detectors, has many versions, listed on the website too, is Cobra XRS 9370. This is one compact and powerful detector which detects all the 14 radar and laser bands used by the police. This model or version of cobra is upgraded than other ones. It also detects the latest POP radar guns used in cities and highways.

The major two features that highlight Cobra XRS9370 is the Xtreme Range and Laser eye. The Xtreme Range superheterodyne technology of this model makes it one of the fastest radar detectors available which senses the detects faster than any other. This never lets you get caught. It gives you warning well before you approach, giving you ample time to slow down before they recognise you. The laser eye gives you a complete sweep of the radars that is closer to you. The great fact about it is, this is intelligent enough to shut down the device before other devices detect its presence.

The next one in the line is the Whistler cr90 laser radar detector which is from Whistler, a company that is known for producing state-of-the art radar detectors, which are technically advanced. The features of this device are listed below:

* Built-in GPS: this gadget has built-in GPS to keep you updated about the red lights, alert systems and traffic camera locations on your way. It will store this information and help you in a smooth ride.

* Multiple-modes: this device has multiple modes, suited for city and highway drive. you needn’t worry about travelling on a risky road with this machine, change the mode and you are all safe.

* KA-Band: the KA-Band sensitivity is high on this device, which detects the radar guns well ahead of time. This gives you enough time to slow down.

* Filter modes: this device has six different filter modes, which ensures low false alarms.

* Audio jack: this gadget has an external audio jack. In case you are driving the road with windows down or with high volume music, just put on the earphones and go undetected.

* Self-test: this gadget does a self-check every time it is turned on.

Whoa!! Great features aren’t they!

With Beltronics STi magnum [no cops]are going to be behind you. This is a high performance model. It is perfect for entry level radar detectors, easy to use and simple. This radar has the ability to be invisible to other RDD’s making it a perfect buy for an entry level. Its strong body and easy usage makes it the most sought after.

Choose the one that you need, considering all the info given.


Drones For Kids And Adults

Are you hearing the word drone for the first time? Don’t feel shy. You may not be the only one. You might have seen it in movies but would have missed to know the actual term for it.

What are drones?

When you hear the word drone for the first time, you may assume that it is some scientific term or something related to geography, but, it is not what you may have assumed. Drone means unmanned aerial vehicle which means vehicle that is run without any pilot sitting inside it.

Drones are more than toys

How can a vehicle be run without a driver or pilot might be your question? Yes, it is possible. It can be run with a remote control or by using some software. When it is said that it is run by remote control, you may have in mind that it is just a toy. Yes, it is right. But it is not only a toy. It is more than that. Do you want to what it is actually used for? Read below to know more.

There are a lot of kids who love to play with a flying toy. But they may not know how to play it wisely with a remote control. But they will be able to fly one once they get enough practice. There are lot of drones available in the market. There are some ❶ drones with camera and some without camera. Most of the drones that comes as a toy may not have camera embedded with it.

Here are some of the drones and its uses

Syma x5c: It is one of the best drones for kids and you as an adult. It is a quadcopter which means it has four rotors. So, it can be easily rested after a smooth take off. This comes with a HD camera embedded in it. You can even use it to take a selfie. If you want to know more about it, and want to test it manually before buying it then go in for syma x5c review. Confirm the test and price in this Syma x5c review.

UDI u818a: If you are going to use drone for the first time, then UDI u818a is mostly preferred. It is best for beginners who do not have any experience in flying the drone. When you use it initially, you may not be able to drive it smoothly. You may crash it on something. The drone is designed to bear those crashes to some extent. So it is better you try with it. If you are comfortable with flying this drone, then you can go for more expensive one without hesitating. Click on my UDI u818a review for 2016/2017 to know more about it.

DJI phantom 3: It is one of the best drones to handle easily. Whether you want to take off or land it after a nice flight, it is completely under your control. You can have a safe flight with it. Another plus point about it is DJI phantom 3 professional worth the cash.

There are various other drones available in the market. To know more about them, read various reviews which would give you a better idea.