Drill and Hammer 

Homeschool Tracker: software available for free to the general public

We are pleased to make Homeschool Tracker software available for free to the general public. This software was designed to consolidate all the basic reporting and record keeping tasks that we found ourselves performing (as homeschool parents) over the past few years. While some states are particularly lenient in their mandatory reporting requirements, others are not. We hope that you will find this product Makita produces this cheap jack hammer most useful in accomplishing these tasks, but it will not stop there. With its powerful and easy to use planning and scheduling features you will want to use it every day for managing assignments, reading lists, and record keeping of attendance and grades/scores. This application was written using the latest Microsoft software development tools, and is available for Microsoft Windows only. There are no plans to produce a Macintosh version.


Manage Assignments - This is a broad topic and several of Homeschool Tracker’s more advanced features fall into this category. You can enter new assignments for one or more students, and then:

  • Copy them for one or more students for a given date
  • Replicate them for one or more students over a given date range
  • Reschedule assignments by date, student and subject
  • Print out daily or weekly assignment sheets
  • Record grades, scores and/or time spent

Record Field Trips and Books Read - Most states do not specifically require that you keep track of these items, but in order to provide a complete picture to the evaluator about what was accomplished during the year, we found it useful to record details and dates of field trips and books read. In this manner, both year-end reporting and planning for the following year are simplified.

Record Attendance - With the familiar calendar-style input format, keeping attendance records is extremely simple. By using Homeschool Tracker to record attendance you will have an extremely easy way to account for every day you hold school. No more “lost” days that you forget to count at the end of the month or year these hammer drills comparisons are real. And throughout the year, you will have a running total on the Overview panel so you can adjust your schedule as necessary.

Reporting - Reports are the natural by-product of entering all the information in the tasks listed above. However, because it is a category of particular importance (especially in light of state mandated requirements) we will summarize the list of available reports here:

  • Assignments, Due or Completed, by Date Given, Subject or Student
  • Grade Report
  • Attendance Summary
  • Hours Spent by Subject
  • Field Trips
  • Reading Log
  • Resources Used
  • Daily Journal