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Factors to look for while buying a Self Balancing Board

A Self Balancing Board is total fun and flaunting one in front of the other kids is awesome. But fun factors aside, safety issues are now popping up with these scooters. Especially, when you are on a look out for a hoverboard for KIDS I, it becomes the first and foremost concern of every parent. Here are some factors you need to consider, before buying one.

Look at the Specifications

Are self balancing boards same as hover-boards? Yes, they have many names. But each hoverboard in the market are different. Most of the hoverboard loving population are of the idea that all the hoverboards are same. But they are not. When you look into the features and specifications of each of these hoverboards, then you will find the real difference. While additional features like sensors, light and special internal motors give us comfort, basic features like the meeting the safety standards are very important Best2wheelscooter.com. So, pay attention to safety factors first and then look into other details.


Some hoverboard manufacturers might boast on the speed of their hoverboards. But, is high speed safe? Certainly no. While it is ok to go in high speed inside your private property, it is certainly not ok to go at high speeds on roads. Speeding is dangerous and irrespective of the type of vehicle you use, speed is going to increase the risk. Use hoverboards that are slow in speed.


Brand plays an important role in selecting any product. Also, try to buy products from trusted sellers. How do we find the best sites? Where to look for best hoverboard  (2016 review)? It is best to read reviews in sites like Best2wheelescooter.com before buying one.


There are many hoverboards put on sale and tempt you to buy them. But do they really give a good performance? When the term Quality is used, it refers to the overall quality of the board including the safety standards met.

Wheel Size

Wheel size is an important factor while choosing hoverboards. While smaller size wheels are easy to balance, they can be ridden only in smooth and plain surfaces. Hoverboards with big wheels can be driven in rough terrains and good for daily use but difficult to balance.

Apart from the above, here are some quick tips for you.

* Hoverboards are electric scooters. Don’t try anything extraordinary with it.

* It is not advisable to buy hoverboards for very small children.

* Read lot of reviews before buying one.

* U.S based brands are of good quality than the Chinese makes.

* Like any other gadget, hoverboards requires few hours of charge.

* Look at the weight of the hoverboard and see if it is easy to carry.

* Do not buy one before you check on the local laws.

* Beware of fakes and low quality ones.

Having said this, it is not so easy to identify a good vehicle. If the retailer from whom you are buying is a better one, then you can go ahead. But, be sure to buy directly from the company rather from an unknown reseller.