Radar Detector

Radar Detectors – What and Where-Abouts!

Do you know what are they? Radar detectors are devices used by motorists or vehicle riders to check if their speed is being monitored by the police. These radar detectors use superheterodyne receiver to detect the electromagnetic emissions from these radio guns and alert the motorist about the speed levels. The website speedzones.com has list of top radar detectors, its best prices online. This website also offers you reviews about various products, which helps you in choosing the best one suited for you. It’s a complete site, with lots of in-depth details of the radar detectors available in the market. It reduces your burden of going through many different brands of radar detectors, opening up too many pages, compare and find the best price. Isn’t it really a great page to watch out for!

One of the best detectors, has many versions, listed on the website too, is Cobra XRS 9370. This is one compact and powerful detector which detects all the 14 radar and laser bands used by the police. This model or version of cobra is upgraded than other ones. It also detects the latest POP radar guns used in cities and highways.

The major two features that highlight Cobra XRS9370 is the Xtreme Range and Laser eye. The Xtreme Range superheterodyne technology of this model makes it one of the fastest radar detectors available which senses the detects faster than any other. This never lets you get caught. It gives you warning well before you approach, giving you ample time to slow down before they recognise you. The laser eye gives you a complete sweep of the radars that is closer to you. The great fact about it is, this is intelligent enough to shut down the device before other devices detect its presence.

The next one in the line is the Whistler cr90 laser radar detector which is from Whistler, a company that is known for producing state-of-the art radar detectors, which are technically advanced. The features of this device are listed below:

* Built-in GPS: this gadget has built-in GPS to keep you updated about the red lights, alert systems and traffic camera locations on your way. It will store this information and help you in a smooth ride.

* Multiple-modes: this device has multiple modes, suited for city and highway drive. you needn’t worry about travelling on a risky road with this machine, change the mode and you are all safe.

* KA-Band: the KA-Band sensitivity is high on this device, which detects the radar guns well ahead of time. This gives you enough time to slow down.

* Filter modes: this device has six different filter modes, which ensures low false alarms.

* Audio jack: this gadget has an external audio jack. In case you are driving the road with windows down or with high volume music, just put on the earphones and go undetected.

* Self-test: this gadget does a self-check every time it is turned on.

Whoa!! Great features aren’t they!

With Beltronics STi magnum [no cops]are going to be behind you. This is a high performance model. It is perfect for entry level radar detectors, easy to use and simple. This radar has the ability to be invisible to other RDD’s making it a perfect buy for an entry level. Its strong body and easy usage makes it the most sought after.

Choose the one that you need, considering all the info given.