DSLR Cameras – giving you more out of your life


If you are a photo enthusiast or want to make photography your bread and butter, you may want to first buy equipment for yourself on which you can learn while you earn. Now there are two kinds of cameras that dominate the scene today and they are

1. Point and shoot digital camera, and

2. A DSLR camera

The balance is now tipping in favour of the latter especially because there is of late a lot of interest in them and the prices for the digital single lens Reflex cameras are dropping and there is not much difference between the two in terms of the price. It is obvious that if the prices are the same and the features are more, customers will prefer the latter only.

The advantage of using them is threefold:

i. Manual controls in the equipment ensure that the user gets what he wants at any point of time;

ii. Superb picture quality. The images are crisp and the colors are sharp.

iii. Lenses can be changed. The biggest advantage is that the equipments come with the feature to allow the change in lenses. This makes it pocket friendly and also very versatile. This also means that there is high comfort level in the usage as the photographer does not have to adjust to a newer model to work with a different lens.

What are the best digital SLR cameras in the market today?

A. Canon EOS 5DS review:

This model is a revolutionary one and sets extremely high standards in digital photography. It has a full frame sensor and is powered with 50 megapixels. The screen is 3.2 inches wide (measure diagonally across). It had a follow up model in EOS 5DS R with slightly enhanced specifications but overall the 5DS has done very well. The quality of image is praise worthy and there is virtually no noise.

The only disadvantage in this model is that there is no built in Wi-Fi and it does get difficult to store huge files on the equipment unless it is packed with data cards with more memory.

B. Canon EOS 70D review

This one is one that is built for the professionals but with the idea that it is easy on their pockets. It is empowered with 20 megapixels and a 65 point auto focus. The screen is 3 inches wide.

This camera is the chosen one if you want to make a mark at wildlife or sport shooting but the price tag is so small that is exciting. It is a camera that is capable of doing most of the shooting assignments as its high speed is its unique selling point.

The exterior body is rugged and can weather all outdoor shoots and it is twinned with super efficient hybrid autofocus. It boasts of the most efficient video camera along with sharp still image photography.

C. Canon EOS 80D review

This one is a good choice for beginners. With 24 megapixels and a 45 point autofocus, it is sure to delight a shutterbug in the making. The screen is 3.2 inches in width.

This one is recommended for someone who is recently hooked to photography because the sequence of function buttons and the outer body is made to last and ergonomic. The quality of the photography both still and video are too good. The touch screen is intuitive and the lens is made to sit at vari-angle which ensures that the photographs turn out good even if the angle it is shot at is not too ideal.

D. Rebel Canon T5i

This is for those who love to have great quality of stills and video in their repertoire. The body is light and compact and the speed is good with performance exceedingly good for the size.

An mpreview of the equipment reveals that it has slightly higher than 18 megapixels and 5 point auto focus. It can shoot full high definition videos and has a drool worthy exterior body. The only drawback is that it becomes slightly difficult to use it in all weathers and when the natural lighting is a tad low.