Finding Your Way Through The Microphone World

There are so many microphones in the market, that it is extremely tough to find the appropriate one. In case, you are someone who is specifically looking for top recording capabilities with respect to a particular area, then you need to sync with like-minded people. There are certain communities which give and receive inputs with respect to a particular product. Groups like sennheiser e945 have like-minded enthusiasts who discuss the usage, shortcomings, fixes etc., pertaining to this particular product.

From a marketing mix perspective, many mics are available under a single website Mic Supply – Online Store for Microphones. You can find the right microphone for your specific need. There are reviews available here. If you were to search the string for any particular microphone, chances are that it will provide a host of reviews. Most reviewers are either genuine users or professionals who review the products. They insert image and proper link which will lead to the purchase page of the particular product. This is a marketing technique adopted by many major brands across the market.

If you are in search of best mic for recording vocals, this brief on some top products in this category can be of some help.

Sennheiser e945

The product comes in succession to the e835, there aren’t any drastic changes brought into this particular product. Sennheiser E935 is built for durability and quality sound grups like Sennheiser e945 recordings. It is considered ideal for sound recordings indoors / outdoors. The product is designed with advanced shock mount which makes it appropriate for repeated handling. The product is of German make, which means it has high quality products. There is a consistent on / off axis which can be used for recordings which requires this type of controls. The product is particularly popular with amateur musicians who do recordings and put it up on social media websites. Most critics have provided excellent reviews of this product. It is good for repeated use, the metal body does not undergo much wear and tear. The product is reasonably priced for the excellent features it offers. Given it’s longevity and great make, it remains a good value for money product.


Audio technica at2020

This is another great product, with rave reviews for it’s ability to record flawless vocals. The mic is very powerful, but it also has the ability to cut the unnecessary noises. This ability to cut out unwanted noises is enabled by means of the cardioid polar pattern. This feature is existent in other peer products as well. There is a high SPL handling which allows various ranges for different types of recordings. The price is pretty decent for the features offered. It has custom engineered low – mass diaphragm. This allows for extended frequency response.


The microphone world is wide and indeed wild. Wading your way can be a challenge. You need to understand the nuances and controls applicable for the various types of recordings. Typically, mics for vocals are different from the ones used for interviews, conferencing etc., Hence, you need to choose the one that suits your need best. The above two products are considered ideal for vocal recordings such as song recordings, podcasts etc.,